roulette strategy

Basic online roulette strategies

Roulette belongs to the category of adventive games (from the English “advantage”), that is, those that allow you to get a temporary or permanent advantage over the institution. However, you have a long and thoroughly test the machine first in demo mode, and then with money to make the best plan of action. The most common strategies for winning:

  • Martingale (the most popular). The idea is to double your bet after losing and go back to the initial one immediately after winning;
  • D’Alamber. Similar to the previous system, where you need to reduce the bet after winning and increase when losing. An average bet is used as a basis; usually, there is not much difference between bets;
  • Laboucher. The method of crossing out, when in the course of the game to cross out the written dropped out numbers;
  • Parlay. Here, it is necessary not to change the strategy after winning, but to play further with the initial bet. It is important to stop in time and take the prize before losing.

When running any kind of online roulette is not necessary to use a strategy. But it is advisable to always stick to the simple rules that have been tested by many players from experience. First: choose roulettes with a maximum return rate, that is, with a minimum casino advantage. If it’s the American version, look for a rate of 2.5-4%, no more. Some exotic variations of roulette may have a minimum room advantage.

Use your finances correctly – spread them out so that you don’t leave the room after losing, but get through a black streak and start winning. Try not to win back large losses and not to put more money into the game than was originally decided.

Possible Bonuses

Unlike slots, most types of this table game don’t have special prize options like special symbol features and freespins. But as part of an online casino loyalty program, you can receive bonuses, including when you play roulette.

For example, a percentage of the deposit may be offered as a welcome bonus. It must be wagered, given the casino’s individual requirements. This usually implies the inaccessibility of using the bonus money in roulette. Read in detail in the rules and conditions of the selected club.

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