roulette types

Online roulette types

Both beginners and experienced players prefer the basic types of roulette. Even the standard versions have a lot of rules that you need to know by heart not to lose big.

It is worth testing and running these types of online roulette:

  • European. This is a classic with 37 cells (36 numbers and zero) and the standard set of rules, including the types of bets;
  • French. She, too, 36 numbers and one zero, but the set of bets expanded and has additional rules for falling zeroes – La Partage. Then the players who bet on the odds get back half of the bet. This does not apply to internal bets;
  • American. Especially gambling variant with two sectors of zeros, and thus with an increased level of risk. However, thanks to this, the winning odds are higher;
  • Without zeroes. This simplifies the game, reduces the risk. This type occurs infrequently in casinos and offers not the highest odds;
  • Mini Roulette. Reduced variation of European roulette for 13 sectors.

Online roulette with live dealers.

Roulette in some casinos takes place with real croupiers. This format is called live, because the game process takes place in real time – on the other side of the screen. Professional croupiers take bets, launch the game, and announce its results. In the standard live format the game can only be played for money, so it is not an option if you are just beginning to get acquainted with the peculiarities of roulette.

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