Online roulette rules and history

The main advantage of playing online roulette is that it is available in free mode. The demo game follows the same rules as the paid one, but with conditional bets. The outcome does not depend on the casino, if the institution uses random number generators.

Know what number or color will fall out, it is impossible, except to use statistical data. To do this, you need to test the same machine at different settings and look for patterns. It is also worth remembering that the advantage in the game – always at the casino. European roulette has a casino share of about 3%, the American roulette has up to 5.6%, that is, users will get 97% and 94.4% (of all bets) of their winnings. The more additional rules, the higher the casino’s advantage.

Roulette history

Blaise Pascal and Alfred Einstein made the game famous: the former is credited with regular mathematical experiments to determine where the ball would fall; the latter with the iconic statement that the only way to win at roulette is to steal chips when the dealer cannot see.

After Pascal invented the number system, it began to be used in roulette to form sectors for betting, a major contribution of the scientist to the development of the game. In the early 18th century, it settled in the gambling houses of Europe and the United States and looked standard: a table, sectors, and a ball. Soon there were its basic and exotic varieties. In the CIS, the game was not popular, but with the development of online casinos became available even for free.

Online roulette General rules

Depending on the variety of roulette, the additional conditions of the game change:

  • At the heart of it is a rotating wheel with a ball and a playing field. Virtual slot machines usually completely replicate the table real versions;
  • On the wheel – markup with sectors of two colors: red and black. These are numbers from 1 to 36, placed not in order. The green sector is the standard “zero” or “zero”. It plays an important role in the gameplay, you need to specify a possible outcome when the ball hits this sector;
  • The numbers marked on the wheel are duplicated on the table – this is the main betting field; On an additional field for betting there may be sectors “equal chances”, “groups of numbers”, etc; The aim of the game is to guess in which sector the ball will stop. The more accurate the bet – the bigger the winnings. This can be a number or sector, then – color, even or odd, etc;
  • Standard bet is taken before the start and some time – in the course of the game. After the ball stops, the outcome of the round is determined;
  • In online roulette the winning combination is paid automatically.

Online roulette is a game with interesting rules and some nuances that can be turned into advantages. For successful results it is worth to study the rules and strategies, make statistics and be able to stop in time after a loss or a big win.

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