Play American roulette online: basic rules and winning tips

Play American roulette online: rules, bets and winning tips

Play American roulette online

Roulette is casino table game that utilizes a wheel, a ball to select numbers and a table with special layout to determine the round winner. Its American version is slightly different from its European counterpart. There is additional double zero cell on the table layout and some payouts are a bit different. Let’s find out how to play American roulette online and win big prizes.

Play American roulette online: bets and payouts

The wagering system in the game allows you to make bets as follows:

  • Straight – x35;
  • Split – x17;
  • Street – x11;
  • Corner – x8;
  • Five(Top Line) – x6;
  • Line – x5;
  • Dozen – x2;
  • Column – x2;
  • Red/Black – x1;
  • Odd/Even – x1;
  • High/Low numbers – x1.

All the bets from the first part of the list, including Line, are called “Inside bets”. The other ones are Outside bets. As you can see, the major difference between the American and European game versions is that the first one has two cells with zero, which adds “Five” instead of “Basket” and allows you to use Split wager that covers “0” and “00”.

The general game rules and strategies are the same for all the roulette types. You choose the numbers to bet and then wait for the ball to show the winning number on the spinning wheel.

Play American roulette online: the best numbers

The house edge in the game is 5.26%, which is way higher than in its European counterpart. It’s so because of additional “00” box on the table layout. Moreover, Five bet that includes “00” is the most risky one with 7.89% house edge.

At the same time, American game version have slightly better winning probabilities. The best winning chances have outside bets with 1 to 1 payouts. They’ll deliver the prize in 47.37% of cases. The second-best wager types are Columns and Dozens. They have 31.58% winning probability. The bets with the best wins offer 2,63% success rate.

Here are some tips to make more money in American Roulette:

  1. Use a certain betting system when you play American roulette online. It can be your own one or and existing method like Seven Corners, Martingale, James Bond etc.
  2. Manage your bankroll wisely and don’t use more funds than you can afford.
  3. Don’t spend much money on bets with low winning probability.
  4. Try to cover as many numbers as you can, using the lowest possible money amount.
  5. Minimize possible losses by applying appropriate betting systems.

You can play American Roulette for free online without using real money. Just find a website that offers the game in demo and play as much as you want, practice and develop your own strategies.

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