American roulette online: play safely in 2020

American roulette online: tips and top sites

American roulette online

Roulette has been known to mankind for hundreds of years and has not changed much since its inception. The word roulette has French roots and translates as a small wheel. The most popular variations of the game:

  • European
  • French
  • American

Let’s take a closer look at American roulette online.

How to play American roulette: ultimate tips

It is believed that an ancestor of American roulette is a French wheel with one zero. Popular entertainment in Europe came to the American continent thanks to migrants mastering it. Among the imported games was the French version of the wheel, which was preferred by representatives of the aristocracy of France, who fled from the French Revolution and took refuge in the southern United States. It was in those distant times that the history of the game began, which now has millions of fans – free American roulette.

But it reached a peak of popularity among Americans much later – in the 19th century, during the Gold Rush. It was at this time that the French variety was slightly modified and turned into an American one. What exactly happened:

  • The rules have become simpler.
  • The arrangement of numbers on the wheel has changed.
  • Inscriptions on the playing field began to be made in English.
  • Added another number “00”.
  • Then another bet was added, namely “first five”.
  • Later changed its appearance.

Now American roulette can be played online. The entertainment includes:

  1. A wheel consisting of 38 numbered slots (holes 1 to 36 plus holes 0 and 00).
  2. The marked playing field on which the gamer makes bets.
  3. Ball.

The ball starts in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation. The wheel must make at least 5 turns around the axis. If the gamer guessed the number that was won, he takes the winnings, the size of which depends on how many chips the player has bet. American roulette can play on our site for free even those who have never seen a live table. The game can be started by being familiar only with the list of basic bets. And let it not seem to you that this is a monotonous entertainment. American Roulette online is a fascinating, addictive game that can captivate the most fastidious gamer. As a result of the first acquaintance with entertainment, the player will certainly become his fan and true connoisseur.

Best American roulette online sites to play

Now on the internet there are a lot of roulette controlled by scammers. We have prepared for you a list of honest and safe American roulette game online you can play in 2020.

  1. Casino genesis. This young American online roulette has already established itself among users. There is a nice bonus when replenishing, up to a thousand dollars.
  2. Casino Spinit. Popular roulette online. Among the advantages: high welcome bonuses, withdrawal without commission, adequate technical support.
  3. Woo casino. You can play on cryptocurrency, 100% bonus on deposit when replenishing, daily free lottery for players.

The online roulette described above are licensed to conduct gambling activities. Security is guaranteed.

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